How to Season Cast Iron

Cast iron is my favorite cooking surface (besides a grill). Grilling is out of the question because the polar vortex has hit and yesterday, at dinner time, it was about -20*F windchill! So, cast iron it is! Many people I talk to are afraid to use cast iron! They don’t know how to season cast …

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how to season cast iron

Is CBD Oil Good For You?

Before we get to the question is CBD oil good for you, I think I should take a minute to talk about what CBD even is. Where does CBD come from? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a type of naturally occurring compound, a cannabinoid, found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants include marijuana and hemp. Marijuana …

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Is CBD Oil Good For You?

Cast Iron Apple Pie Recipe

I love cast iron. Love, love, love it! Fortunately, my mom loves cast iron, too. She came up with a pretty rad homemade Cast Iron Apple Pie recipe. I stole her pictures and her recipe to share with you! (With her approval, thankfully. Thanks, mom!) Here are the steps for making homemade cast iron apple …

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cast iron apple pie

Butter Garlic Chicken Recipe

My favorite meat is chicken breast (other than filet mignon, but duh). My butcher makes killer butter garlic marinated chicken breasts and/or thighs. It is soooooo delicious. So I thought I’d share my own butter garlic chicken recipe with y’all! Butter, good; garlic, good; butcher’s price, meh. So, I have started making my own butter & garlic …

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butter garlic chicken recipe

What is Family Cloth?

I know I got your attention! I know you are asking, “what is family cloth?” Keep reading! I did it. I really did it. Woohooo!!! I made the switch to family cloth. And, ya know what? It hasn’t been too terrible. Actually, it’s been pretty rad. I’ve been on this journey of self-sufficiency and frugality …

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What is Family Cloth?
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