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Ditch Your Face Powder Make-Up

I’ve helped you ditch your foundation and ditch your concealer so far. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Our products contain so many ingredients that we literally have NO IDEA what they even are, how they are made, or even what they’ll do to our bodies. Okay, incredible is the wrong word. SCARY!!! It’s scary isn’t it?! …

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Ditch Your Face Powder

Ditch Your Concealer Make-Up

The last post I did was on ditching your foundation. I know, getting out of old routines, especially make-up, is soooo hard. We fall in love with textures and smells and commercials and packaging… even when the products are slowly killing us. So, are you ready for me to keep giving you suggestions and information?! …

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Ditch Your Concealer Make-Up

Ditch Your Foundation Make-Up

A few months ago, I did my first 7-day “Ditch It” challenge. It was such a great success, and I got such wonderful feedback, that I wanted to do it again… this time, with a 7-day “Ditch Your Makeup” challenge. So, are you ready to detox your life… again? I got you! The first item …

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Ditch Your Foundation Make-Up

Favorite Self-Care Ideas

I really pride myself on being mindful of what I’m putting in and on my body. Much of my time is spent researching laundry detergents, Monsanto foods, deodorants, B corps, etc. and determining what is toxic and what isn’t. I clearly choose the least toxic as much as possible for not only myself, but also …

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Favorite Self Care Ideas

Plastic-Free School Lunches

A few months ago, I did my first Detox Your Life challenge (yep- first… there will be more challenges in the future)! During that challenge, I encouraged y’all to ditch items around your home in an effort to live a less-toxic life. The items I suggested ditching were plastic cooking utensils, Teflon pans, dryer sheets, …

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Plastic-Free Lunches
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