Is CBD oil a drug?

Is CBD oil a drug? Or is it a natural remedy?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term “drug” as “a substance used as a medication or in the preparation of medication.” So, is CBD oil a drug?

In my opinion…

If you take the preceding definition at face value, then I’d say that yes, CBD oil is indeed a “drug.”

But I believe this is no different than honey being a “drug.”

Honey has antibacterial properties (among a ton of other beneficial properties) and can be used as medicine. It can ease sore throats and build a person’s immune system.

Jewelweed is another example of a naturally occurring “drug” because it can be macerated and used as a poison ivy cure.

I think Merriam-Webster’s definition of “drug” is missing one key element.

“Drugs,” in most peoples’ opinions, are typically abused and their usage often results in addiction and/or death.

Natural Remedy vs. Drug

I’d rather liken CBD to a natural remedy, than to a “drug.” There is no threat of CBD becoming addictive or resulting in death after usage.

Just like there is no threat of honey becoming additive or resulting in death.

I’d also like to remind everyone…

CBD it is found in the hemp plant, which is typically organically grown, and extracted via carbon dioxide.

This same idea is done quite often in peoples’ homes.

Let me explain.

Susie grows garlic in her garden. She harvests several heads, peels the cloves, places them in a jar, fills it with oil, and sits the jar in the sunny window. Over the next few weeks, the sun infuses the garlic into the oil, making the oil a useful tincture for fighting colds.

If you know anything at all about natural remedies, you will understand the similarities of CBD to other edibles and topicals that contain remedy abilities. Think garlic, honey, chamomile, elderberries, mint, jewelweed, etc.

Unfortunately, the word “drug” is heavily laden with negative undertones: drug abuse, drug addiction, drug addict, druggie, drug lord, etc.

We often forget that so many plants, like jewelweed, elderberry, or even hemp, can also be “drugs.”

Are CBD products legal?

 That is a question that so many people want to know: are CBD products legal?

I think the hemp/marijuana dichotomy is where things get complicated.

Not many people realize the differences between the two plants because they are both derived from the cannabis plant. Most people ignorantly believe that hemp and marijuana are the same thing.

Yet, there is one significant difference: cannabis has THC, the psychoactive ingredient that gets people “high,” while hemp contains little to no THC.

This makes a big difference because hemp has purely physiological effects, not physiological AND psychoactive effects like marijuana.

is cbd oil a drug?

Think of it like this:

Momma cannabis had two kids: hemp and marijuana.

Hemp, the sweet child, has an easy temperament and is quite helpful.

Marijuana, the wild child, is a lot of fun, but not always the best to be around.

Both kids (hemp and marijuana) come from the same mother (cannabis), but they have completely different DNA.

In the United States, at the federal level, CBD is considered legal if it contains less than .3% THC because the product that CBD is derived from is hemp, not marijuana, so there are no psychoactive effects with it.

To complicate things even further with the hemp/marijuana dichotomy, the United States state governments are still working out the kinks on the legality of medical marijuana. This adds more confusion to the mix because laws are constantly changing.

I hope my explanation on the legality of CBD oil and products was helpful.

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Is CBD Oil a drug or remedy?

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