Where is CBD oil legal?

Where is CBD Oil Legal?

So, where is CBD oil legal? Can I use it in my state? 

I want to hone in on the United States because that’s where I’m from.

Every state in the U.S. has different laws regarding marijuana and hemp usage. But, for now, and to reiterate, CBD, if it comes from hemp and contains less than .3% THC, is legal in the entire Unites States.

You can tell if your CBD oil/products has .3% THC or less by reading the product labels, visiting the company website, and/or by contacting the company directly.

In some states, like California and Colorado, hemp and marijuana are both completely legal.

For example, California residents can have 8 usable ounces of marijuana and can grow several plants at one time legally, all the while purchasing CBD products.

In other states, like Pennsylvania- where I am from, CBD is legal because it is derived from hemp and contains that tiny amount of THC (or less). Medical marijuana is also legal in PA and must be provided to you by a doctor’s prescription; however, recreational usage of marijuana remains illegal in PA and possession will result in fines and/or jailtime.

Again, because I know so many people get confused, all CBD products that are derived from hemp, not marijuana, are legal because hemp is legal federally and contains low to zero traces of THC.

where is cbd oil legal

Legal CBD products

There are so many legal CBD products available on the market.

CBD is available as a tincture taken under the tongue and/or added to food and drinks; as edibles like gummies or lollipops; and as CBD water (yes, that’s really a thing). CBD is used in vaporizers; as wax, shatter, dab, and isolate as lotions and salves; and taken as capsules or pills.

CBD is also available for your pets.

I plan to go into further detail on the different types of legal CBD oil/products in the very near future.

Keep checking back for updates.

I’m sure I forgot other ways that CBD is available. Did I? Let me know in the comments below.

One last thing!

If you are looking to purchase incredible CBD oil, isolate, salves, etc. then please check out the company I love: NuLeaf Naturals. They are USDA certified organic!

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Where is CBD Oil Legal?

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