Ditch Scented Candles

Day 3: Detox Your Life Challenge

Ready to detox your life? Not sure where to start? Want a little help with the process? I got you!

Follow along with my 7 day “Ditch It” challenge.

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Each day I will tell you what item to ditch, why you should ditch it, AND what you can replace it with. Sound good?

Detox Your Life: “Ditch It” Day 3

Ditch Your Scented Candles

I love my aunt. She is quirky, loud, hilarious, and an excellent cook! But when she recently visited, I was shocked to see her gifting scented candles from that big smelly lotion and body spray store… you know the one… the one that coats your entire being in fragrance JUST from running past it! Scented candles are terrible for you, for your kids, for your pets, for your guests, and for your coworkers (or anyone/anything else that comes into contact with them). Let me quickly tell you why.

Why You Should Ditch Scented Candles

  1. There are 4 different parts of a candle that are dangerous to humans and pets. First are the wicks which often contain heavy metals like lead. Then, there is the wax which is often a petroleum byproduct. Next, is the colorants which also release toxins while burning. And, finally, there is the fragrance,which is likened to 2nd hand smoke.
  2. While burning candles, chemicals as dangerous as 2nd hand smoke are released into the air from the wax, the wick, the colorants, and the fragrance.
  3. This makes candles a large source of air pollution inside of homes and offices.
  4. These chemicals used in most candles ALL contain toxins that are known carcinogens.
  5. These toxins can accumulate in the body and can cause cancer.
  6. Additionally, when heavy metals accumulate in our bodies (like the lead that is often found in candle wicks), we can get sick from that, too.


What To Use Instead

  • The best (and basically only) alternative is to switch to beeswax candles with organic cotton, hemp, or wood wicks. I believe beeswax is the only alternative because even soy candles can be questionable. Soy is often genetically modified and NOT organic. This means that soy plants are normally sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and/or fungicides prior to being harvested and turned into wax. Then, when burning, the soy wax emits those herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides into the air. This can harm you, your family, your guests, and even your pets.

Extra Challenge

  • For your extra challenge, replace all of your candles- even your birthday candles- with beeswax candles with a natural wick.
  • Make sure to have enough safe candles on hand for power outages!
Detox My Life

Woohoo! You’ve made it through Day 3 of my Detox Your Life “Ditch It” Challenge. Join me again tomorrow for Day 4!! Comment below to let me know that you’ve joined the challenge and how it is going for you so far!

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Detox Your Life

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