Ditch Your Nail Polish

Day 4: Detox Your Life Challenge

Ready to detox your life? Not sure where to start? Want a little help with the process? I got you!

Follow along with my 7 day “Ditch It” challenge.

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Each day I will tell you what item to ditch, why you should ditch it, AND what you can replace it with. Sound good?

Detox Your Life: “Ditch It” Day 4

Ditch Your Nail Polish

As a homesteader, I rarely paint my nails. Maybe 3 times per year. I figure, what’s the point? 3 seconds after picking up sticks in the yard, weeding the garden, or putting away a load of dishes, my nails are pretty much ruined anyway. This mama ain’t got time for that!

Furthermore, when I found out what is actually in most nail polish, I was shocked! Let me explain why you need to ditch your nail polish while detoxing your life.

Why You Should Ditch Nail Polish

  1. Nail polishes often contain the “toxic trio” of ingredients: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene.
  2. Formaldehyde acts as a hardening agent in nail polish. Formaldehyde is also used for embalming bodies, creating household products like carpet, and in cigarette production. It is a known skin, nose, and throat irritant and a carcinogen.
  3. Nail polishes often contain dibutyl phthalate which provides flexibility to the nail polish. It is known by scientists to cause reproductive problems.
  4. Additionally, most nail polish contains toluene, which makes the surface of the nail polish smooth and keeps the color pigments from separating. This ingredient can cause reproductive problems and central nervous system issues.
  5. This toxic trio is harmful upon application to the nail surface, surrounding skin, and to your lungs because the ingredients are often inhaled while painting.


What To Use Instead

  • Go all natural a.k.a. do not paint your nails
  • If you must paint your nails, make sure to choose a brand that does not contain the toxic trio of chemicals like the brands Zoya, Cote, or Scotch Naturals.
Detox My Life

Extra Challenge

  • Ditch all of your nail polish and if you must, replace all of your favorite colors with safer brands like the ones I mentioned above.
Detox My Life

You’ve made it through Day 4 of my Detox Your Life “Ditch It” Challenge. Join me again on Thursday for Day 5!! Comment below to let me know that you’ve joined the challenge and how it is going for you so far!

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Detox Your Life

Happy Homesteading! (:

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