The Diva Cup: Everything You Need to Know

The Diva Cup: Everything You Need to Know

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about single-use plastics and how major cities are banning them. But it makes me wonder about single-use papers (or similar) and how long until things like that will be banned as well. I mean, they may not be as environmentally devastating as plastic (which take a long time to disintegrate), but unless made from recycled material, they are still detrimental to the environment and to our bodies. Tampons are one product that combines both single-use plastics and papers. That’s why I made the switch to the menstrual cup. Let me tell you about The Diva Cup: everything you need to know.

The Menstrual Cup: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to periods, most people get a little squeamish. Why? I’m not sure. Lack of education, probably. We have a hard time discussing why it happens, let alone HOW it happens. And with the HOW it happens, comes the- how do I make this suck the least without getting a hysterectomy? I’ve found that switching to a menstrual cup, like a Diva Cup, has actually made my period suck less.

Let’s talk how it works first

In order to use a menstrual cup, you need to find a brand you like and buy one. I really like the Diva Cup brand. It took a few tries to find the right size, though. First, I bought the size-2 Diva Cup (per the recommendations because I am over 30 and have had two kids vaginally). It was too big. I had a hard time getting it in and getting it in place. So I switched to the size-1 and it works like a charm. I did make a minor adjustment to the cup itself. I cut the little handle thingy off the bottom. (Trust me, you’ll still be able to get it out, and removing that tail will make it much more comfortable).

Make sure to sterilize the cup prior to the first use. Place the menstrual cup in a pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Always make sure to wash your menstrual cup. I mean, use your heads, ladies! This is your vagina, for Pete’s sake! Keep things clean, always! And make sure to store it dry, in a decent place, not like- next to the toilet or anything.

Getting it in and out

When it comes to getting a menstrual cup in and out, I want you to watch this video by Sarah Tran. This is the same exact video I watched in order to learn, and she really does cover ALL the tips and tricks for success. She has other great videos, too!

*Keep in mind that getting a menstrual cup in and out properly, so the dang thing doesn’t leak, is the hardest part. Once you master that, you’ve mastered life.

I like The Diva Cup for a few reasons

The first reason is because they have three sizes now to fit all sized vaginas! (:

Size 0 (for teens), Size 1 (18-30 years old and/or never given birth), and Size 2 (women over 30 who have had a vaginal birth). When sizing, just remember my story…. I had to size down. You may have to do that, or even size up if you haven’t had any kids. Give yourself grace and be patient. It’ll be worth the investment, I promise!

The second reason is because it is reusable for yearsssssss! You can buy one and use it for over 5 years! That’s incredible- financially and environmentally.

The third reason is because it somehow relieves cramping! That’s a win in and of it’s own!

The fourth and best reason- it keeps harmful chemicals often found in pads and tampons like bleach and pthalates- out of my vagina!!! Woohoo!!! And cheers to that! I hope you’ve already made the switch, plan to make the switch, or are even thinking about making the switch! Make better, smarter choices, especially when it comes to your vagina!

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The Diva Cup: Everything You Need to Know

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