Homestead Update – April 2020

We’re quarantined. Still.

Going on week 4? I think? Maybe 5…


Just like you.

Sooooo, I’ve been a little MIA lately. For about 6 weeks actually.

Yes, it was a little intentional… but mostly unintentional.

You see, it started at the end of February with me just needing a plain old BREAK. I deactivated everythingggg….. Insta, Facebook, even Pinterest. I stopped writing blog posts. I just needed a freaking moment.

Life sometimes get like that for me.

Where I just need to disconnect and take about 400 paces backward, away from everyone and everything, just for a little bit. Then, I come back with a fresh attitude and forget the burnout I had been experiencing.

But this time was so different….



Just as I was ready to log back into this digital space of chaos and opinions and overwhelm, the world kind of stopped.

As we all know.

But for me it just felt so…. so…. “I called it.”

BLAH! I hate being like that.

But it did…………………..

No, I am not a super news buff. I did not see coronavirus coming since early 2020 like some did. I learned about it on my local news (remember, I was deactivated from every social media platform) at the same time as almost everyone else.

When I saw everyone retreating to their homes, stockpiling medicines and foods, and making their own sanitizers and masks, my heart broke a little bit for them.

Probably because I have been prepping for something like this for years. Ask my husband. He used to think I was NUTS. I’ve bought tree taps, handheld debarkers, lifestraws, N95 masks, flint, etc. I mean, if I felt like an item was ESSENTIAL back in 2017ish… I bought it. I even bought a supply of freeze dried meals, fruits, and veggies… just in case shit really hit the fan.



But look at us now…………

I don’t know if being prepared and homesteading is genetic or something that I’ve learned being out here in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE, but it’s something I really enjoy sharing with other people.

With that being said…

I’m back!

Blog Posts to look forward to in the upcoming weeks:

  • EMF Exposure Risks
  • DIY Smug Sticks
  • You Probably Have Worms
  • My Journey With Lyme Disease
  • DIY Kombucha
  • Healthy Tips that Even YOU Can Follow
  • and Homemade Laundry Detergent

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  • Hair Care
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Okay, one more thing!

An update on the rest of the homestead…. (:

The homestead right now is in a state of disarray. We are in the process of removing about 20 dead and problematic trees from our property. The trees are down, but nowhere NEAR cleaned up.

We also graded the bank near the garage (it’s needed done for like 2 years…).

We plan to seed most of it, then install some stone steps and maybe a pretty partial stone wall… someday!

The girls and I spend time each morning doing schooling: spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, reading, math, and sometimes science. In their spare time, they do a lot of crafts and mudpie making. Yesterday, the three of us scrubbed the chicken coop, painted the man door, and did A LOT of other outside work. They are great helpers!

We only have 7 layer hens right now, but plan to get meat birds and turkeys ASAP.

I planned our garden and will begin to sow the cold tolerant seeds outside soon and start my warm-blooded seeds indoors as well. This year, I plan to focus A LOT on companion planting. I hope to achieve 3 things: 1) less weeds, 2) more variety, 3) less problematic insects.

I found a HUGE patch of wild blackberries, gathered about 50 roots, and plan to plant them between my blueberries (they grow well together).

We put the posts in the ground for our grape arbor! We still have to run the wire, but that’s a simple job.

I started my strawberries already. I have about 40 of them growing under lights.

I plan to focus a lot harder on foraging this year as well. I’m on the hunt for things like boneset, arnica, mullein, yarrow, burdock, etc.

So yeah… That’s what’s been happening!

We may be quarantined, but honestly… life is about the same around here! (:

I consider myself blessed and extremely, extremely grateful.

To all my readers and subscribers, thank you for sticking with me!

Can’t wait to continue homesteading with y’all!


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