The Best Homesteading Books

The Best Homesteading Books

The Best Homesteading Books for a little over $100, you can have the Best Homesteading Books shipped for FREE to your doorstep via Amazon! Click the images below (direct product links).

The Best Homesteading Books

1. The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery

This book has. it. all. Seriously. I love that no matter what new project I’m getting in to on the homestead, I can reference this book to learn valuable information.

“The 40th anniversary edition offers up-to-date and detailed information on the fundamentals of topics like homegrown food; raising chickens, goats, and pigs; beekeeping; food preservation; mail-order supply sourcing; foraging; and much, much more (even how to deliver a baby)—everything you need to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle in the 21st century.”

2. Garden Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Plant &   Harvest


In addition to Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia, the next three books compliment each other and Carla’s so well (along with the other books in the series… see the list below). While Carla’s book is more broad and covers  an array of topics spanning the homestead, this book focuses solely on the garden.

“Readers will discover tips and techniques for maintaining a garden year-round; harvesting herbs; designing by bloom season; turning garden refuse into garden rewards; building teepees, trellises, and other plant supports; and much more.”

3. Country Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Live Off the Land


A book all about living off the land! And it is… (:

“This comprehensive collection offers step-by-step instructions on nearly 200 individual topics, providing everything you need to know about sustainability, self-sufficiency, homesteading, and DIY living.”




4. Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How: Useful Practices, Recipes, and Formulas for a Lifetime of Health

The next book in the series that I love is Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How. With a name like The Holistic Homesteader, you hopefully recognize that I love all things homesteading AND all things homeopathic! I really enjoy that this book covers so many great avenues of natural healing.

“This book offers instructive and helpfully illustrated guides on numerous alternative medicinal practices, such as herbal healing, naturopathy, homeopathy, Eastern medicine, energy healing, mind-body healing, and so much more.”



This book is also a part of the Know-How series which includes other titles such as:

5. Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide by Rosemary Gladstar

Complimenting the Natural Healing Wisdom & Know-How book above, this Medicinal Herbs book by Rosemary Gladstar is a MUST have for your book shelf. Herbs are such beneficial plants and help heal our bodies! Let Rosemary explain how!

“Craft a soothing aloe lotion after an encounter with poison ivy, make a dandelion-burdock tincture to fix sluggish digestion, and brew up some lavender-lemon balm tea to ease a stressful day. In this introductory guide, Rosemary Gladstar shows you how easy it can be to make your own herbal remedies for life’s common ailments. Gladstar profiles 33 common healing plants and includes advice on growing, harvesting, preparing, and using herbs in healing tinctures, oils, and creams. Stock your medicine cabinet full of all-natural, low-cost herbal preparations.”


What are some of your favorite homesteading books? Tell me in the comments below!

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The Best Homesteading Books


Happy Homesteading! (:

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