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It seems like everyone is in a rush, overwhelmed, overstimulated, swamped with errands and chores, barely hanging on, and utterly joyless

People are EXISTING, not living.

Homesteading, we have found, is a realistic, practical, rewarding way to get our thoughts, feelings, sights, experiences, etc. into harmony, so we can live simpler, slower, self-sufficient, more relaxing, less-toxic lives. It is not only important for us to live this lifestyle, but it is also tremendously important for us to teach y’all how, too.

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Helping you live a healthier, simpler, less-toxic life. Learn to make healing salves, live more frugally, cook from scratch, work for your meat, garden, and get back to your great-grandma’s roots. 

Delving into the world of self-love and self-care
through homesteading and photography.

I have always been passionate about nature and gardening. Over time, I have become increasingly holistic, recognizing the ability of plants to heal mind, body, and soul. With that passion, I often found a camera in my hands, capturing the beauty I grow and see. Please join me on my journey to health and wellness through homesteading and photography.
Allison Gould


My other passion.

The best way to experience my photography is by visiting my shop and portfolio.

I specialize in fine art, landscapes, nature, newborns, children, couples, and high school seniors.

 In my shop, you can purchase a beautiful canvas wrap, sign up for a photo shoot, and even submit damaged, old photos for photo restoration.