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It seems like everyone is in a rush, overwhelmed, overstimulated, swamped with errands and chores, barely hanging on, and utterly joyless

People are EXISTING, not living.

and in that rush of craziness… people are making choices that are convenient, but toxic.

their foods… their skin and hair care… their clothing… their appliances… their medicines… their relationships…

I have made it my passion and my mission, over the past 8 years, to educate myself on safer choices for myself, my family, my pets, and my home.

8 years later and a whole lot more street cred under my belt, I am ready to share all of my insights with you.

Throughout my journey these past 8 years, I have found that homesteading is a realistic, practical, and rewarding way to live a simpler, self-sufficient, more relaxing, and less-toxic life. 

A life that I’m proud of…

A life that I can share with my children…

A life that helps me sleep better at night…

A life that makes smart, safe, educated decisions about foods, hair care, skin care, cleaning products, home goods, etc.

It is not only important for my to live this lifestyle that I’ve created over the past 8 years…

But it is also tremendously important for me to teach y’all how to live that way, too

no matter if you live on a large homestead like me…

or you live in a huge city.

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The Holistic Homesteader wants to help you live a healthier, simpler, and less-toxic life. In the blog, learn to make healing salves, live more frugally, cook from scratch, work for your meat, garden, and get back to your great-grandma’s roots. 

Delving deep into safer products + foods, home remedies, self-care, & homesteading.

Hey lovely!
Allison here...
Since childhood, I have always been passionate about nature, gardening, and "potions."
Ask my momma...
She'll tell you!
Over time, I have become increasingly holistic, recognizing the ability of plants to heal the mind, body, and soul.
With that passion, I often found myself teaching my friends and family about what I was learning...
about the toxins in their laundry detergents...
about the relationship that was dragging them down...
about safer pesticides for their gardens.
I created The Holistic Homesteader as a way to share my knowledge and experience with you, too!
Please join me as I share my journey to health and wellness.
I'm so happy you are here!
If there is something you'd like to know more about or would like me to write a blog post on,
feel free to send me a message through my contact page!
Allison Gould


My other passion.

While I’m not in the garden or in the kitchen…

okay, even when I’m in those locations…

I often find a camera in my hands.

It’s something I’ve loved doing since I was a kid

(I’m surprised I never photographed those “potions” I loved to make).


The best way to experience my photography is by visiting my shop.

 In my shop, you can purchase a beautifully calming, limited, ready-to-hang nature canvas.

These canvases promote serenity and are the perfect home decor for you and for your loved ones.