Easy DIY Grape Arbor

About 4 years ago, I received grape vines from my parents, and ever since, I have been begging my husband to erect a grape arbor! 4 years! Men! Anyways… we finally got it finished!!!!! Lo and behold, it didn’t take that much time, effort, or money. But we did have a secret weapon to make …

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Easy DIY Grape Arbor

Turkey Bone Broth Recipe

I’m going to be honest. It took me a hot second to figure out what the actual difference was between broth, bone broth, and stock. The easiest way to explain it: broth is boiling meat and using the strained liquid; stock is boiling bones and using the strained liquid; and bone broth is slowly simmering …

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Turkey Bone Broth Recipe

Homestead Update – April 2020

We’re quarantined. Still. Going on week 4? I think? Maybe 5… Yep. Just like you. Sooooo, I’ve been a little MIA lately. For about 6 weeks actually. Yes, it was a little intentional… but mostly unintentional. You see, it started at the end of February with me just needing a plain old BREAK. I deactivated …

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Homestead Update

5 Beneficial Herbs… Part 3

So I have shared 10 of my favorite herbs and what Rosemary Gladstar (one of my favorite herbalists) says about the herbs in her book Medicinal Herbs. I highly urge you to have this book on your shelf for great home remedies. If you want to review those first 5 herbs, click here. Or the …

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5 Beneficial Herbs
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